Appalling’ Surgical Story

Few people can help but become squeamish with stories of medical malpractice, where a doctor or other medical professional lets a patient down by performing a less-than-perfect job. One story, told by a resident doctor, had his attending physician cut a hole in a patient’s cava, causing them to bleed profusely, and blood to fill the stomach cavity. As the resident stared at the attending physician, aghast, the attending physician was reported to ask if the resident was just going to “stand there,” or if they were going to “fix” the hole they had just created, themselves.


Miscommunication Causes Potentially Fatal Accident

The incident was later attributed to a “hierarchical” structure among surgeons, similar to a military chain of command, where it is said that subordinates do not question superior doctors, “without very good reason,” as recounted on Science Blogs. The resident’s question to his superior was interpreted as fear, at least partly because of the attending physician’s hubris.

Those searching for a surgeon would be well-advised to remember this story when dealing with doctors who perform surgeries, of which there are a number of different types, including vascular specialist in Bergen Country NJ, and nationwide, able to perform necessary operations falling with their specialty.

Many Types Of Surgeons

There are four types of general surgeons, vascular, pediatric, critical care, and surgeons of the hand. Vascular surgeon are trained to treat conditions dealing with veins, arteries, and the lymphatic system, not including the heart. Many procedures employed by vascular specialists involve inserting a catheter into a vein or artery in order to treat or diagnose a condition.

Vascular surgeons have completed additional schooling, in addition to being board-certified physicians, qualified to examine and recommend a course of treatment with regard to painful and embarrassing varicose and spider veins, as wells perform procedures like angioplasty and other, “less-invasive endovascular” techniques.

Relief Available For Varicose Vein Sufferers

In addition to pain, varicose vein are often accompanied by swelling, inflammation, heaviness, a tired feeling, and a burning sensation. It is possible for varicose veins to form clots that can result in skin ulcers and discoloration. Cases that have progressed to the point where broken skin is visible are described as being “very severe.” While there are a number of surgical procedures vascular specialists can employ to combat varicose and spider veins, there are a number of non-invasive therapies involving lasers, with some being reported as being more effective than others.

One immediate source of relief for those suffering the pain that accompanies varicose and spider veins is support stockings, which apply pressure evenly around the leg. The support offered by the garments, which are available in varying lengths, is reported to bring relief to many sufferers. Additionally, pregnant women and those suffering from painful legs during monthly menstrual cycles may find relief by lying down and and raising the legs with a pillow or cushion.

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